“Save the children of the needy, and…break in pieces the oppressor.” (Psalms 72:4) (Woman’s great responsibility to oppose and eliminate pornography)

Pornography is the great oppressor of mankind. It is unquestionably an evil. Studies have uncovered amble evidence of its negative effects. It is often violent, hugely degrading to women, perverse, obnoxious, ugly, and goes against every moral code found in every major religion. One could not possibly overestimate the harm it does to individuals who are in the porn industry, to those who patronize it and to society at large.

So shocking is the degree to which pornography uses, abuses, objectifies, and degrades women, many of whom are very young. The result? Culturally and, worse, in people’s consciousness, pornography completely adulterates and demeans the ideal of womanhood. How on earth could a decent, enlightened society tolerate such a situation? How can any woman stand by while many thousands of other precious women are daily used as so many pieces of flesh to be abused and sexually mistreated, solely for men’s pleasure? Don’t women shudder and become incensed knowing that the widespread, entrenched and accepted conception of females is largely connected to them as sexual objects? Why haven’t women in this country risen en mass to obliterate the scourge of pornography and to proclaim the rights and nobility and equality of the “fairer sex”? In addition to abusing women, men are completely dominant over the woman in a majority of porn depictions. Women are often choked, slapped, spit on, handled forcefully, and verbally amd physically degraded.

A great thinker said, “In natural law and in religion the right of woman to fill the highest measure of enlightened understanding and the highest places in government , is imalienable….” She also wrote that, “This is woman’s hour, with all its sweet amenities and its moral and religious reforms.”

Why isn’t there a large movement, very large, with promenent women and millions of others who, with unfaltering purpose, work and press for and demand that pornography be eliminated from our society? To effect a “moral reform”?

It is a fact that most of the pornography that is accessed in the U.S. would be legally classified as “obscene.” And there are both federal and state laws aplenty that prohibit “obscene” sexual materials. For some reason prosecutors are not, in any large degree, enforcing these obscenity statutes.

Where are the women in this country, that should be uniting together and working and shouting from the rooftops that the abuse and degradation of their daughters and fellow women as sexual objects has to cease? Why aren’t they speaking out clearly that men have never been subjected to such abuse and degradation by women? Women are inherently strong, but in this area, the vast majority of women have literally layed down without a fight for their gender. There are small organizations that valiantly fight for abused women’s freedom from sexual exploitation, but only an immense, dedicated, vocal, insistent and indignant army of defenders of true womanhood can proclaim, highlight, convince and raise consciousness on this most crucial matter. I am convinced that the widespread producing and using of pornography will be seen as the most destructive force ever affecting our country; and, the most prominent factor of this insidious disease is the way it horribly and abusively treats and portrays women.

Men aren’t going to be the force of change against pornography. Only women, unified in great numbers together, will be able to awaken the populace through the force of right. Why wouldn’t women want to band together to re-establish and recover their innate purity, dignity and freedom from male domination and abuse? And, this uplifting of consciousness to see the real woman will enable men to be free from their self-imposed bondage, where they begin to see their real being as respectful, gentle, supportive and loving partners with women, not weak voyeurs, and direct patrons of the degradation and hate imposed upon and directed towards women.

If the women of this country and world wanted to stand up against this ongoing societal catastrophe and shame they could immediately unite to lift their beautiful, strong voices in unison and in defense of their sex, in defense of purity and morality. People would listen and care. In so doing, women would be simultaneously vindicating all of women’s rights, while also illuminating their lovely, true, pure, spiritual natures and their special and essential qualities necessary to lead on the centuries for the betterment of mankind.

(Above quotation in the article is from Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy)